Thematic Areas


A4HU has a rich history of empowering youth and promoting sexual and reproductive health (SRH) in Uganda. A4HU took over the mandate of DSW in 2018. Together, we’re building a brighter future for the next generation by amplifying their voices, bolstering their opportunities, and creating an environment where young people can thrive.

Sexual Reproductive Health For Young People

 A4HU recognizes that young people have limited access to and utilization of quality sexual and reproductive health services and aims to improve this by …

youth economic empowerment

We acknowledge that the lack of economic resources for young people exposes them to abuse such as sexual violence and disables them from taking charge of their SRH. A4HU aims to increase access to decent gainful employment by young people through the acquisition of both non-formal and entrepreneurial skills. This is done in the following ways;

youth participation and leadership

A4HU recognizes the importance of youth participating in socio-economic and health well-being matters. A4HU is ensuring improved capacities of youth organizations and structures to coordinate youth empowerment through the following

research evidence and accountability

A4HU appreciates research as a driver of change for the health and socio-economic well-being of young people. A4HU aims to increase the use of research and evidence by actors to address youth SRH and Family Planning challenges by

institutional capacity development

A4HU appreciates the need for organizational strategic positioning and resourcing in terms of financial, human, and physical assets, ensuring increased visibility and operations of the organization in realizing its vision.

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