youth participation and leadership

A4HU recognizes the importance of youth participating in socio-economic and health well-being matters. A4HU is ensuring improved capacities of youth organizations and structures to coordinate youth empowerment through the following:

We nurture and strengthen youth organizations including Peer clubs and Youth Empowerment Centres (registered) as Community-Based organizations to represent youth interests and coordinate youth empowerment initiatives at the community level.

  • Conducting Organization Capacity Assessments (OCAs) for Youth Empowerment Centres (YECs) and related youth organizations and structures.
  • Facilitating YEC and related youth organizations (CBOs & NGOs) to develop institutional policies, strategies, and legal frameworks.
  • Registration of youth organizations and facilitations of compliance activities
  • Conducting leadership assessments to identify capacity gaps and design tailor-made training.

A4HU also aims to improve youth participation in shaping policies and development agendas in their communities.

  • Capacity development for youth leaders on the use of evidence-based advocacy.
  • Facilitation of youth leaders to cascade advocacy training to youth groups and youth champions.
  • Facilitation of young people to conduct research and assessments to collect data on the rights and participation of young people in development processes.

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