Youth Empowerment Centre

Youth Empowerment Centers (YECs)

In promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) among young people, A4HU works through various youth structures, including Youth Clubs, Youth Empowerment Centers (YECs), and the National Youth Network. Youth Clubs are formed in each parish and comprise 20 to 30 members, with at least 50% of the members being female. A4HU strengthens existing clubs or helps establish new ones. Each club has an executive team consisting of a Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and mobilizer. Additionally, at least four peer educators (two males and two females) are within each club. The clubs promote A4HU’s core thematic areas within their communities and provide education and sensitization on SRHR, gender, and economic empowerment to non-club members. They may also undertake income-generating projects to sustain their community activities.

YECs are management structures at the district level, with one YEC per district. They consist of two representatives (a male and a female) from each Youth Club. The representatives, who include the Club Chairpersons and an elected member, form the YEC. A Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary are elected within the YEC, ensuring gender sensitivity. The YEC’s responsibilities include overseeing and coordinating Youth Club activities, engaging with district authorities, establishing partnerships with other stakeholders such as health ccentres and acting as duty bearers to protect the rights of young people in the community.

Four YEC members (two females and two males) are selected and trained as Youth Champions to support the YECs in their work. These champions advocate for youth issues at the district level through various platforms, including meetings, radio talks, town hall discussions, and social media. Four other YEC members (two males and two females) are alsoidentified and supported as Peer Facilitators. Their role is to enhance the capacity of the Youth Clubs in the respective A4HU thematic areas.

The National Youth Network (NYN) serves as an advocacy and governance structure with four representatives (two males and two females) from each YEC. The representatives include the YEC Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and an elected member. The NYN provides a national platform for young people to share their experiences and contribute to ongoing national dialogues. It helps shape A4HU’s planning processes, generates new ideas for advocacy and programming, and offers a capacity-building platform for youth engagement with stakeholders in their districts. The NYN convenes twice a year and is supported and coordinated by a Youth Engagement Officer at A4HU, who also facilitates connections with other national youth structures and processes.

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