youth truck

The Youth Truck, a mobile outreach facility, is a key initiative by Action 4 Health Uganda (A4HU) to provide crucial information and services on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), HIV/AIDS prevention, and social-economic empowerment to youth in rural areas, urban slums, and hard-to-reach areas.

The Youth Truck employs a highly participatory and youth-friendly edutainment approach to creating positive behavioural change among young people.

The Youth Truck team works closely with Youth Empowerment Centers (YECs), Youth Clubs, and Peer Educators to ensure SRH information, education, and services are provided. Equipped with a solar system, the Youth Truck can power a public address system to broadcast messages within a radius of 150 meters (about 492.13 ft) from its location. This allows A4HU to reach target groups and directly adapt services to local needs and contexts. The Youth Truck is staffed by a team of youth trainers, one of whom serves as the driver.

A4HU launched the rebranded Youth Truck mobile facility in 2018 in partnership with DSW, with funding from the WERTGARANTIE Group. The Truck operates in the seven districts where A4HU works and follows a methodology designed by the Centre for Health Market Innovations. Its solar-powered public address system and multilingual SRH officers enable effective communication in local dialects.

A4HU recognizes the increasing demand for SRH information and services throughout Uganda and emphasizes the need for flexibility and innovation. The concept of mobile-youth services, exemplified by the Youth Truck, enables A4HU to provide tailored and adaptable services to vulnerable youth, particularly those in remote areas. The Youth Truck supports National and District Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and youth groups in mobilizing young people for community health outreaches and celebrating International and National health days. It is also instrumental in mobilizing youth for sports galas, providing accurate SRH information and services to a large number of participants.

Using a mobile approach and incorporating edutainment, games, sports activities, health outreaches, IEC materials, group work, role plays, and discussions, the Youth Truck engages young people in interactive SRHR discussions, counselling, entrepreneurial skills, income generationcapacity development, gender-based violence, conflict resolution, peace education, and life skills education.

The Youth Truck offers a range of services, including information on SRHR, demonstrations of reproductive health commodities, sexual reproductive health community outreaches, screening of community videos on SRH, group discussions, role plays, sports events for active learning, capacity building of youth-friendly environments through community dialogues, training of SRH peer educators, entrepreneurship and leadership training, non-violent conflict resolution training, life skills training, community mobilization, and support for International and National Day celebrations. Additionally, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Youth Truck supported COVID-19 vaccination drives.

The Youth Truck is an essential resource in empowering and supporting youth in accessing vital SRH information, services, and training, even in hard-to-reach areas. It plays a significant role in creating awareness, fostering positive behavior change, and promoting the well-being of young people across Uganda.

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