Action 4 Health Uganda utilises sports galas as a means of spreading SRHR information and providing SRHR services to the youth in areas where these galas are held. Alongside the galas are integrated community health outreaches where various health services are provided to the youth taking part in the gala and the community members who come to follow the games or are passing through the area.

On 31st May 2024, the Youth Truck was stationed at Okame Primary School in Buteba Subcounty, Abochet Parish where games of football and netball were played by the youth from different clubs. As the games went on, medical personnel from Buteba Health Centre III provided health services to those in attendance, both young and old.

During the water-break sessions, cascading sessions were held that involved peer educators providing accurate, age-appropriate, and up- to – date SRHR information to the young people in attendance.

Netball game during the SRHR-themed sports gala in Busia District

The health services provided during the community health outreach included family planning services both short- and long-term including Oral, Injectable, implants, and condoms, conducting laboratory tests for HIV, Syphilis, and candidiasis, and other services including Malaria testing, general treatment, counseling and guidance.  Busia YEC leaders, Peer Educators, and A4HU Staff played a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of the integrated health outreach. 

A peer educator addresses the youth during a water break session at the SRHR-themed sports gala in Busia District

“We have offered STI screening and treating, Family Planning services, HIV testing and counselling, and other services. I appreciate the Youth Truck for the good mobilization they have done for the youth in remote areas to be able to access these health services. The youth have been able to access these services today which they were not able to before due to long distances to health centres, and fear of speaking up about their challenges. I appreciate A4HU for organizing these events nearer to the youth where they can access services and share information with medical personnel on a one-on-one basis. “shared Nakaziba Viola, a nurse from Buteba Health Centre III.

A health worker interacts with youth during the SRHR-themed sports gala in Busia District

“I appreciate Action 4 Health Uganda through the Youth Truck for their efforts in bringing this sports gala to our community. We have learned about the changes that happen to our bodies as we grow and how to take care of ourselves during the water-break sessions.” shared Asere Hellen, a 25-year-old netball player at the SRHR-themed Sports Gala.

“We appreciate the program because some of us have been idle, and this gala brought us together to engage in productive activities. Please continue to bring such programs to our communities. Some of us have talents but activities to engage them are far from us. We have learned about how some STIs and STDs are transmitted and how to avoid them by using proper protection. We now have a mindset change due to the information shared.” said Manyuru Godfrey, Secretary of Stay Safe Football Club, Buteba Sub-county, Busia District.

With such activities, we continue to aim at inspiring young people to realise their full potential.

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